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Increase your take-home pay

Increase your take-home pay

What is salary packaging?
Salary packaging is an ATO approved method of using concessions available to your employer to reduce the tax you pay. Eligible expenses are ‘packaged’ and paid to you as tax-free salary, reducing your tax bill and potentially increasing your take home pay by thousands each year.
How salary packaging can benefit you

You can take home more pay

You receive some of your salary tax free, so you pay less tax and take home more pay.


It uses expenses you already pay

Mortgage, rent, car and credit card expenses are just some of the things you can use to minimise your tax.


Most of your colleagues are doing it

Over 60% of Australian health, charity and PBI employees are salary packaging. It's a common remuneration practice endorsed by the ATO.

What can you salary package?
A huge array of everyday items can be salary packaged

Personal expenses

Depending on your employer a range of personal expenses can be salary packaged including rent, mortgage, credit card payments, meals and relocation.


Vehicle expenses

Save even more money by salary packaging your vehicle finance and running costs with a novated lease.

Why SalaryPackagingPLUS?
Each year we help thousands of Australians change their lives with salary packaging