Fly-In, Fly-Out Salary Packaging

Terri works for a mining company and flies from Newcastle to Cairns.

She earns a salary of $96,000 and packages an annual flight budget of $10,816

Using our FIFO Salary Packaging offer she saves more than $3,900 per year.

What is Fly-In, Fly-Out Salary Packaging?

Fly-in Fly-out (commonly known as FIFO) is a method of employing people in remote areas by flying them temporarily to the work site (or point of hire) instead of relocating employees and their families on a permanent basis.

Salary Packaging enables you to pay for your flights and any incidental accommodation using your pre-tax income. This results in a lower taxable income, so that you'll pay less tax, meaning you'll have more money in your pocket than if you pay for your flights using post-tax funds.

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On approval, you tickets will be issued to you and all your travel information will be available on the app.

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