Increase your take-home pay

Increase your take-home pay

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SalaryPackagingPLUS is committed towards a greener and more sustainable future. Having embraced a paperless workplace by removing faxes and claim submissions via postal mail, we have streamlined our processes to enable you to submit information through our digital channels, including the MySalPack Mobile App and MySalPack Web Portal. Through this, we are proud to be reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

What is salary packaging?

Salary packaging is an ATO approved method of using concessions available to your employer to reduce the tax you pay. Eligible expenses are ‘packaged’ and paid to you as tax-free salary, ultimately reducing your tax bill and potentially increasing your take home pay by thousands each year.

The benefits of salary packaging


Pay less tax

Receive a portion of your salary tax-free and reduce your taxable income


Increase your take-home pay

Reduce your tax and increase your take-home pay


Maximise existing expenses

Mortgage, rent, car, and credit card expenses are just some of the things you can use to minimise your tax.


Most of your colleagues are salary packaging

Over 60% of employees in Australia's health, charity, and PBI sectors choose salary packaging, an ATO-endorsed practice.

What can you salary package?

A huge array of everyday items can be salary packaged


Personal expenses

Depending on your employer a range of personal expenses can be salary packaged including rent, mortgage, meals, credit card payments and relocation costs.

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Vehicle expenses

Drive your savings further by salary packaging your vehicle financing and running costs with a novated lease.

Learn more about vehicle expenses

Why SalaryPackagingPLUS?

With over 20 years of experience in managing salary packaging, employers across Australia entrust us every day to maximise their employee’s income through salary packaging.