What benefits can you package?

What benefits can you package?

NSW Health

As a health employee you may be eligible to package a range of benefits


General living expenses benefit

You can salary package up to $9,009 of general living expenses including rent, mortgage and credit card payments each year.


Meal entertainment benefit

You can salary package up to $2,650 of dining out, hotel accommodation and catering expenses each year.


Remote area housing benefit

If you live and work in a remote area you can salary package your house purchase, mortgage interest, rent and residential utility costs.

Download Remote area housing benefit pdf

Relocation expenses benefit

If you have had to relocate for work you can salary package your relocation costs and living away from home expenses in addition to what you already salary package.

Link for Relocation expenses benefit

You may also be entitled to salary package these expenses


Please refer to the View our policyNSW Health Salary Packaging Policy for a full list of benefits available for salary packaging.

Share of savings

Package a vehicle and save even more

With a novated lease you use tax-free income to pay your vehicle finance and running costs - on top of any other salary packaging you’re doing!


Here are the vehicle expenses you can claim with a novated lease:

Alternate Text Fuel
Alternate Text Registration & CTP
Alternate Text Maintenance & Servicing
Alternate Text Roadside Assistance
Alternate Text Tyres
Alternate Text Car Insurance
Alternate Text Vehicle
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